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When you finally sit down and make a budget and realize how much you spend isn’t necessarily how much you need to… It’s crazy. Realizing how much you could have saved after all those times you asked where my money went is a heavy dose of reality.

Currently reading The Budgetnista’s The One Week Budget and I’m following her budget plan. She makes quite a few valid points in her book… It sort of makes me want to be more frugal with my spending habit — and I currently have a terrible spending habit. This whole process is eye opening.

Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to.

- My English Teacher   (via melwent)

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Learning To Love Yourself Is So Important | You Can Save Your Own Life

- |Pass!ons (via android-ink)

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I don’t know what just happened but for the most part I currently feel really shitty (it’s the way I look and feel), at the same time turned on. But I also feel like I got a lot off my back.

I’m just confused.

It’s official !

God willingly next month I’ll be going to New York for uS Thanksgiving long weekend.

Omg I have been in years ! I used to go to New York City every year. And finally after 5-6 years I’ll get to return and see my cousins :).

Plus… Start on some early Christmas Shopping.